Minnesota Valley Sunday School Class Entertains, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), November 17, 1921, page 1:

Pleasantly Entertained.
The Minnesota Valley young folks’ Sunday School class, of which Mr. Harvey Holmes is teacher, held their regular bi-weekly meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stoff.

After everything had been settled to the satisfaction of all concerned, the meeting came to a close and a party took place, there being a few invited guests especially asked to this.

Mrs. Stoff had decorated the house in the class colors, purple and white, and it was very pretty. But the outstanding feature of this was the class motto, “Pep,” placed in these colors above the door.

Various forms of entertainments, both amusing and those requiring thought, in which all played a part, served to make the evening all the more merry and to pass more quickly. Prizes were given to the one most perfect in each contest.

At a later hour partners were matched for supper. The supper was served in two courses. The first course consisting of two kinds of sandwiches, pickles and cocoa; the second consisting of cake and fruit salad. Before leaving the table, a bowl of English walnuts and a nut cracker were passed. Each person broke the shell, not to find the nut meat they were expecting, but a more pleasant surprise was in store for them, namely a tiny strip of paper with a two-line fortune written upon it. These were read aloud, much to the interest of the others.

The guests then thanked their hostess for her splendid hospitality and her great ability in planning and carrying out a party.

Those present belonging to the class were: The teacher, Mr. Harvey Holmes, Misses Faye and Helen Cottier, Esther Broker, and Elizabeth Holmes; James and Earl Cannon, Edgar Metzgar, Thomas Cottier, Gerald Holmes, Emerson and Glenn Stoff.

The invited guests were: Mrs. Cora Colwell, Eula Colwell, Mabel Sanders, Ralph Colwell, Herman Colwell, Milbern Sanders, and the hostess, Mrs. Stoff, her husband, Walter Stoff, and son Lee.

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