Mill Under New Management

From the March 15, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Skidmore Roller Mill to Change Hands.
A. R. Havner rented his mill to S. P. Carr and Frank Hill of Flandreau, South Dakota.  Mr. Hill came to Skidmore last Thursday and drew up the contract, and are to take possession April 1st.

Mr. Carr is an experienced miller and will have charge of the milling department.  Mr. Hill is an engineer and will see to that part pertaining to his profession.

They will move their families to town about the last of this month.  Mr. Carr has rented the Dougherty property on the corner of Ash and Elm streets.

We welcome these gentlemen and their families to our town and wish them success in their business.

An update from the April 5, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Under New Management
We made mention a few weeks ago that the Skidmore Roller Mills would change hands April first.  Owing to sickness the new managers – S. P. Carr and Frank Hill of Flandreau, S. D. did not arrive here until Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Mr. Carr came on the Wednesday evening passenger and Mr. Hill and family came on the Thursday afternoon freight.

They expect to be ready to start the mill next Monday morning.  Mr. Carr is a miller of no little experience, having been in the business for the past eighteen years.

The Skidmore Mills are equipped with as good machinery as you will find in any of its size, and better than a great many that are much larger, and we see no reason why, with such a farming country as surrounds Skidmore, that the milling business can not be made a successful one.

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