Mayor Reynolds Lays Down the Law on Lawns, 1921

From the June 9, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Public Notice.
It seems to be the rule for a great many citizens of Skidmore to mow their lawn and then throw the grass and weeds in the drain ditch at the side of the street. This is a bad thing. It stops up the drain tile, turns the water into the middle of the street and causes much damage, besides work for the street commissioner. Don’t do it.

Another thing, there are several manure piles in town that must be moved, and done at once.
Then too, there are several alleys that need attention. The weeds are there in great numbers, some of the alleys are piled full of machinery and other things. Clear them up once and note the smile on your neighbor’s face.

This notice is given in advance, and if the above things are not done within a week, the city will try and see what it can do.

W. G. Reynolds, Mayor.

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