Maryville Pirates vs. Skidmore Teddy Bears, 1911

If your time machine is in good working order, hop on back to 1911 for an exciting game. From the January 11, 1911 Skidmore New Era:

Ad, "Basket Ball Friday Night, January 20.  Maryville Pirates vs. Skidmore Teddy Bears.  If you want to see something exciting and blood-curdling, come and see the Teddy Bears wade out on the high sea and try to capture this bunch of pirates.  The admission will be teh same old price: 25c a head.  If you come bring someone along; we will give you some good music, a good skate, a classy game of basket ball and insure you a general good time."
Skidmore New Era, Jan. 19, 1911, p. 4.

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