Mary Reese Rebuilds, 1921

From the May 19, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Mrs. Reese Rebuilding Home.
Mrs. Mary Reese, who lost her home by fire two weeks ago, is not to be long without a home. The remains of the old house have been cleared away, and a basement was dug last week. Monday morning Elmer went to work on the foundation, and carpenters went to work this morning on a modern seven room bungalow.

The paper reported on the fire in its May 5, 1921 edition, also on page 1:

Reese Home Destroyed by Early Morning Fire
Home of Mrs. Mary Reese Burned Early Yesterday Morning — Some Insurance.

The home of Mrs. Mary Reese was destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. Elmer Reese was awakened by the presence of smoke in his room and located the fire. It is thought that it could easily have been checked when first discovered if there had been any means of getting water to it in an efficient manner. Mr. Reese fought the flames from the inside as long as he was able to withstand the smoke, and then went outside and carried water to the roof.

As soon as the alarm was given an abundance of help arrived, but it was too late to save the house. All of the furniture was saved from the lower floor, but nothing could be gotten from the upstairs rooms.

The fact that the house was constructed principally of native lumber caused it to burn slowly, which would have made it possible to save it if water could have been gotten to it in large quantities.

There was $2,000 insurance on the house and $500 on the contents.

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