Martha Washington Party, 1922

From the March 2, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Martha Washington Party.

Mrs. W. H. Hoblitzell was hostess at a Martha Washington party for the members of the Neighborly Club and a few guests at her home last Thursday afternoon. The club members wore old fashioned costumes. Mrs. G. L. Owen wore the dress and hat in which she was married 26 years ago. Mrs. J. O. Miller’s wedding dress of 18 years ago was worn by Mrs. J. C. Spahr, and Mrs. H. W. Montgomery’s wedding dress of 30 years ago was worn by Miss Cleta Bagby.

A trio composed of Mrs. J. O. Miller, Mrs. j. C. Spahr and Mrs. L. W. Garnett sang “An Old Fashioned Garden.” Several Victrola selections of old songs were given Mrs. Garnett read an article on the manners and customs of the colonial people. Charades pertaining to the life of Washington were given.

A luncheon consisting of nut bread sandwiches, English pudding, Connecticut election cake and tea was served.
Those present were: Mrs. H. W. Montgomery, Mrs. G. L. Owen, Mrs. J. C. Spahr, Mrs. J. O. Miller, Mrs. L. W. Garnett, Mrs. A. J. Wells, Mrs. Bess Cottril, Miss Mattie Tarpley, Mrs. W. W. Grigsby, Mrs. Mark Loucks, Mrs. R. A. Walker, Miss Minnie Kramer, Mrs. J. A. Hill, Mrs. E. T. Duval, Mrs. G. L. Lewis, Mrs. Mary Brighton of St. Joseph and the hostess.

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