Manchester & Dodds, Chevrolet, and the O. K. Garage, 1923

Business news from the April 12, 1923 Skidmore News, page 1:

Automobile Agency.
Manchester & Dodds have taken the agency for the Chevrolet automobile and have one on display at the O. K. Garage. A. C. Dodds and Marvin Caldwell went to Kansas City Saturday and drove the Chevrolet back Sunday. They intended to bring two cars back with them but were able to get only the one.

Advertisement reads, "MonaMobile Oils, paraffine base, a grade for every truck, tractor and automobile, for sale by O. K. Garage."
Advertisement for the O. K. Garage of Skidmore, Missouri in the Skidmore News, April 12, 1921, page 8.

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