Maitland Fair, 1899

If this were 1899, no doubt we’d be heading for Maitland to visit the fair.  From the Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), August 4, 1899, page 5:

Ad for the Maitland Fair. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for the Maitland Fair. Skidmore Standard newspaper (Skidmore, Missouri), August 4, 1899.

Text of ad reads, “The Fair! The first fair of the year, and the greatest summer outing in Northwest Missouri this year will be the Maitland Fair. the large number of entries made in the speed ring assure us of fine racing. One of the great features of the week will be the contest for the Maryville Driving club Stake in which are entered John T. Welch’s Moxey Hiatoga; J. Andy Ford’s Hazel F.; Loss Scott’s Cango, Thad Wilderman’s Presmont, and others. Arrangements are being made to secure the services of Frank James as starter. The attractions will be new and pleasing, and when everything else tires a trip through Manila Street will surely wake up up. Beautiful grounds with ample accommodations and a free grand stand. One price, 35 cents admits to all. The ladies should look over the premium lists and arrange for exhibits in the Floral and Art Hall. The dates are August 15, 16, 17, 18, 1899. For premium lists or any information, address E. L. Hart, Sec’y.”

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