M. E. Church Damaged by Lightning, 1921

From the April 21, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

M. E. Church Damaged by Lightning Friday
Was Struck About 6 o’clock Friday Morning — Damage Estimated at $1000 to $1200

The M. E. Church was struck by lightning about 6 o’clock Friday morning, and considerable damage done. The bolt struck the top of the belfry, and every window in the belfry was destroyed, apparently blown outward as if from a powerful explosion from within.

The charge followed the electric light wires, and the meter and switches were entirely destroyed. At points where several wires converged near the switches and meter, the charge was so great that the plastering was knocked from the walls, and even the lath torn loose from the studding.
The circuit was partially completed through a down spout from the gutter which passes through the concrete steps at the front of the building. The bolt followed the re-enforcing rods through the steps, and at several places large pieces were torn from the solid concrete.

The damage has been estimated at from $1000 to $1200. The insurance adjusters have not arrived as yet, but the company has given permission for the wiring to be repaired, and work started this morning. All of the wiring will likely have to be replaced, as it is burned through in many places. The insulation is burned from much of the wire, and in some places the wire was entirely burned up, leaving the insulation intact, so that it has the appearance of good wire.

Why the building was not burned is more than anyone knows, unless it was because of the wires which conducted the charge and kept it from the wood.

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