Linville Brothers Have Farms for Sale, 1912

The Linville Brothers were in the real estate business in 1912, as we see in this ad from the January 11, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8:

Farms for Sale! We have a number of very desirable Farms listed for sale, ranging in size from 40 acres to 340 acres. If you want to buy a farm don't fail to call and see us. Linville Bros. at the Bank of Skidmore.
Farms for Sale, as printed in the January 11, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8.

The January 25, 1912 edition of the New Era offered this advertisement on page 6:

Land for Sale.

I now have what is known as the James L. Hughes or Fayette Hughes land for sale, consisting of 170 acres, in four tracts:  one 80 acre tract, two 20 acre tracts, and one 50 acre tract.  The three smaller tracts are all improved and can be sold separate.  This land is all located a few miles southeast of Skidmore, and the price is right.

If you are interested call or write me at the Bank of Skidmore, Skidmore, Mo.  W. S. Linville, Admr.

Advertising works, as the New Era often reminded its business readers, and we see the proof later in the January 25 edition on page 12:

Sold Farm.

The Linville Brothers have sold the Fayette Hughes, deceased, farm of 80 acres southeast of Skidmore.  The purchaser is Ashley Littler of Skidmore.  The farm is not improved, and Mr. Littler will rent it this year and in the mean time will fix it up into a well improved farm.  The price of the sale was $90 an acre.

The Linvilles had another transaction reported in the January 25, 1912 edition on page 6:

Buys Farm.

P. W. Ocker has purchased the R. M. New farm of 80 acres three miles west of town.  Price $110 an acre.  The sale was made through the Linville Bros.  Mr. Ocker sold his farm southwest of Skidmore some days ago and we are glad that Mr. Ocker will continue to remain a citizen of Skidmore.

A quick look back tells us the details of Mr. Ocker’s sale, too.  From the January 18, 1912 edition of the New Era, page 7:

Sold Farm.

P. W. Ocker has sold his farm west of Skidmore, of 158 acres to Messrs. Clyde and Frank Collins.  Price $15,000.  Mr. Ocker will give possession in the spring.  He will probably buy in this part of the country.

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