Linville and Garnett’s Automobile Livery, 1913

Automotive news from the February 13, 1913 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Buys New 1913 Buick.

Linville and Garnett, the automobile liverymen, have purchased a new 1913 Model Buick for their livery.  This is one of the best cars in the city.  It has electric lights, a self starter and other late improvements which the older cars do not have.

W. E. Linville.  L. W. Garnett.  Automobile Livery.  First-Class Turn-Outs.  Automobile or Teams.  Day and Night Service.  Feed & Sale Stable.  Linville & Garnett.  Phone No. 20.  Careful Drivers.
Ad for the Linville & Garnett Automobile Livery in Skidmore, Missouri from the Skidmore New Era, February 13, 1913, page 4. (W. E. Linville and L. W. Garnett)

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