Limit Sugar Sales, 1918

From the January 10, 1918 Skidmore News:

Should Limit Sugar Sales

Retail grocers should sell sugar to farm and rural customers in five to ten pound packages, the Missouri Division of the United States Food Administration has announced. Flour in rural and farm communities should be sold in quarter to half barrel quantities and in towns and in cities in eighths to quarter barrel quantities.

“Wholesale grocers,” the announcement continues, “should not sell sugar in quantities in excess of 1,000 pounds at a time to a retailer. Sugar should not be shipped on back orders, nor without a positive order from the buyer. Wholesale grocers should use every precaution at their command to prevent duplication of sales which may give to a retailer the opportunity to have more sugar than is necessary for conservation distribution.”

Grocers are requested to refrain from using any advertising tending to induce customers to increase their purchase of flour or sugar during the present national crisis.

Confectioners and manufacturers of non-essential food products will be allowed to use only eighty per cent of their normal requirements of sugar, according to information the sugar division of the United States Food Administration has sent the sugar distributing committees.

They are urged to use substitutes for sugar, such as glucose, honey, and the like, wherever possible, to conserve the sugar supply.

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