Life-like Moving Pictures

Before Netflix, before DVDs, before VHS, we went to the movies at the local theater.  Before that, the movies came to town.  From the April 21, 1903 Skidmore Standard:

Moving Pictures
At Cook’s Opera House, April 27-28 – Under Auspices of Epworth League

The Tillis & Gilbert Entertaining Co. with life-like moving pictures will illustrate one of the grandest entertainments given in a tour across the continent at Cook’s opera house Monday and Tuesday evenings, April 27-28.

At both entertainments you will see fast trains, fire companies dashing through streets, Rough Riders charge, battles on both land and sea, Captain Bowser and his “Fool-Killer” going through the whirlpool rapids.  Also McKinley’s last speech, the assassin, crowds rushing to the Temple of Music trying to get hold of the assassin, the funeral as it leaves the Milburn house in Buffalo and the electrocution of Czolgosz as seen by an eye witness.  Martinique disaster.

All the above will be accompanied by music, shouts and sounds appropriate to the subject, interspersed with drama, tragedy and comedy.  Latest popular illustrated songs and mystic scenes.

Entrance charge 15 and 25c.

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