Life in South Dakota

As published in the December 30, 1898 Skidmore Standard:

He Remembers Skidmore

A friend here received a letter this week from Mr. A. J. Welsh of Center City, S. D., and the STANDARD is glad to publish a few extracts from it.  Mr. Welsh or Jack as he was familiarly known, used to live here and a good many of our readers will remember him, and will be glad to hear anything from him.  Mr. Welsh is in the mining business and is doing very well.  He says, “Times are good here, better than they have ever been.  This is a great gold producing country.  There is lots of capital invested here and more coming every day. A good working man can make from $90 to $100 per month here, in fact he is not asked to work for any less around the mines.  We have nice sleighing and the weather is beautiful.”  Mr. Welsh has been very unfortunate, since he left here as he has lost the sense of hearing, which he does not mind so much in ordinary business affairs, but he adds, “I can’t spark with the girls any more without the whole town hearing everything the girls say.”

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