Letters Home: Warren Reaksecker

Some of the letters home published in the Skidmore News during World War I are especially heartbreaking, even now.  From the January 2, 1919 Skidmore News, page 1:

Tells of Reaksecker’s Death

In writing to his parents at Maryville, under date of November 30, Ray Puckett, an attache of the medical corps in the American base hospital at Limoges, France, has this to say of the death of Warren Reaksecker, mention of which was made in last week’s issue:

“I have been anxious to hear if you got my letter telling you of Private Reaksecker and to call up his mother.  I had just finished reading your letter this morning when the orderly from the ward brought a report to the office of his death.  He died this morning at 10:20.  It is too bad, for he sure had lots of nerve and always very cheerful.  I was in the ward to see him only a few days ago after he had had a blood transfusion and he said he felt fine and was wondering how long before he would be up.  He was very badly wounded in the upper middle of his leg and a severe wound on the ankle of his left foot.  The nurse and doctors did all they could for him and said if anyone deserved pulling through he did.  There was very little I could do for him myself.  I told him I would write you and you could see his mother.  I was unable to attend his funeral, but he was buried with military honors in the American cemetery here at Limoges, France.  If possible I will get a picture of his grave and give it to his mother when I return.”

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