Letters Home: Reuben Hall, Somewhere in France, 1918

From the Skidmore News, September 12, 1918, page 1:


From Reuben Hall.

Somewhere in France, Aug. 7, 1918
To the News and Friends:–

It has been some time since I wrote to you and as I have a little time will try and let you know that I am still hunting the Kaiser, somewhere in France.

Most parts of France are beautiful. The people here are some different from the people in the states. They have small farms and they all live in town. They don’t live on their farms like we do. There is a village every few miles. They also live in rock houses and their houses, barns and chicken houses are all built together. I haven’t seen only one field of corn here.

I suppose you have read about —– (Censored) being a beautiful place. It was. I have been to the front. What do you think of the way we Yanks have been doing of late?

I haven’t seen any of the other boys yet, only Harvey Hughes and Leland Linville. Harvey is in the same company with Leland, in Co. H. They are both O. K.

I landed the same place Marion Owens did. He was there when I got there.

I never will forget seeing my first train in France. They have old fashion trains. The cars only have four wheels under them and about half as big as our cars. Passenger coaches have doors on the side like our street cars. We call them the peanut huller.

Yours truly,
Pvt. Reuben A. Hall.
Co. L, 4th U. S. A. Inf., via New York, France.

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