Letters Home: Reuben Hall

As published in the September 5, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Letter From France.

France, July 31, 1918.

Dear Sister, Brother and Nephew: —

Received your letter some few days ago.  Was glad to hear from you and that you were all O. K.  I am feeling fine.

I have gotten several letters from you the last two months, but I haven’t wrote a letter for almost two months.  I have been on the lines.

You know that little piece you sent me, that an Indian said to an Irishman.  Well I believe he would change his mind about that if he was where I have been.  Harvey (Hughes) is O. K.  I got a letter from Pearls the other day, got one from home today.

I received the letter you sent, the one with the pictures.  Louis is getting to be some man.  I seen Leland yesterday, he was all right.

It is rather warm here today. I don’t know of much news I can tell you, but I have heard lots about war.  I don’t think anyone can tell me much about it now.  Of course there are fellows that have seen more of it than I have.  What do you think of the way we done them last week?

It won’t be long until Louis will start to school again, will it?  Is he getting anxious to go?

I have met some of the boys I used to drill with at Funston.  I haven’t seen Albert Linville yet, have been looking for him.

Well I will close for this time.   So write often.  I will write as often as I can.

From your brother, Private Reuben A. Hall, Co. L. 4th U. S. Inf., A. E. F. via New York.

The above letter was received by Reuben’s sister, Mrs. John Inman, August 27.


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