Letters Home: Oppie Ross from Camp Forest, 1918

From the April 25, 1918 Skidmore News, page 4:

From Oppie H. Ross

Camp Forest, Chicamauga Park, Ga., April 17, 1918.

Dear Friends: —

I will endeavor to write your little paper once more, which is the biggest paper on earth to me, for I love to read the letters from the boys who are in service and also the good people I left behind.

I was to get a pass to go home, bu twhen I went up to see the adjutant he told me he was calling all the boys in who were on passes, and that we would leave here within 10 days for Camp Meade, Maryland, up near Baltimore, and then it will be from there over sea.

The boys are all anxious to go across and get it over. I will be back in the spring of 1920 with Old Glory flying free, and we will still have our liberty.

The last I heard from Wade he was in Newport News, Virginia. The 11th Infantry are leaving for Newport News.

I saw Rex and Delavan a few days ago down at Chattanooga. Delavan is a corporal and Rex is now one also. I am a wagoner. We all draw $-6.00 a month and our clothes and chow, as it is called in the army.

I have two Liberty Bonds and $10,000 insurance, which leaves me $19.30 per month.

I sure am proud that the people have bought so many LIberty Bonds and hope they will buy more Thrift Stamps, as we are going to need all their help we can get.

We go to the Y. M. C. A. and sing two nights out of the week. The Y. M. C. A. is sure a great help to us soldiers. We pass many happy nights at the Y. I think Quitman did mighty well to make $160.00 for the Y out of the supper they gave.

I hope to see all of you when I return, so I will conclude or my letter will take up too much space. Will close, saying good by and good luck to all.

Your friend,
Oppie H. Ross,
Wagoner, Headquarters 17th Machine Gun Battalion, Camp Forest, Georgia.

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