Letters Home: Albert Linville, Somewhere in France, 1918

Most of us take for granted little things like three meals a day and news from home. It sounds like Albert Linville took nothing for granted in 1918. This letter was printed in the Skidmore News, May 30, 1918, page 8:

From Over Seas

The following letter has been given us by Mrs. Linville and we are sure it will be read by all with much interest.

Somewhere in France, April 27, 1918.
Dear Nellie: —

Well Nellie, I will write you a few lines today while I haven’t much to do.

I am well and able to eat three meals a day, and am getting fat.

I am at the Y. M. C. A. writing. This is a pretty good Y. M. C. A., lots of the boys are here now writing home.

I would give a lot for the Skidmore paper so I could get all the news from home.

Tonight, I stood and heard them call off about 5,000 names but my name wasn’t read, but I think I will get your letter pretty soon now.

I wish you could see all the things I have seen. The other day, I saw a man working a pair of oxen on a load of hay. They farm with them, too. I saw anothe rman working a horse to a high wheeled wagon. The house and barn are together here, the people live at one end and the stock in the other. All the building here are rock, and they have fine roads, too. The grass is about eight inches high and the gardens are fine. This is sure a pretty country and most of the boys like it here.

How is Pa and all the rest of the folks?

I haven’t learned French yet and I don’t think I ever will.

Nellie, help the Red Cross for they are the stuff.

Well, I have told you all I know this time; will write more next time.

Private Albert H. Linville
Co. I, 4th Inf. Training Bm., American Expeditionary Forces, via New York.

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