Letters Home: James Harvey Hughes, 1918

From the Skidmore News, September 12, 1918, page 1:

From Harvey Hughes

In a letter written from France, August 6 by Harvey Hughes to Miss Mabel Hughes he says he is feeling fine, that he had just returned from the front where he had been for some time.

He told of seeing Leland Linville recently, the second time he had met him since they had reached France, and also wrote Reuben Hall was all right.

Writing of the war, he says Sherman’s definition is right, and that if he was allowed to write the things he has seen and experienced it would be enough to bring one’s heart into his mouth.

His attempt to converse with a French girl came to naught as she was as unable to understand what he said to her as he was to make out what she was trying to say to him.

In describing the country he says that it does not compare with the old U. S. A., the soil being very hilly and rocky, the improvements very meager and their methods of farming very poor. He speaks of the use of the wooden moldboard plow, and of the cradle, while a few binders were to be seen.

He is always anxious for letters from his old home and mail will reach him if addressed to James H. Hughes, Co. L., 4th Infantry, A. E. F. via New York.

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