Letters Home: Ivan Totten

The 1917 Skidmore News sent copies of the paper to local boys who were serving in World War I, and it encouraged them to write to the editor so everyone would know how they were doing.  In the November 1, 1917 edition, the editor printed the following from Ivan Totten:

From Ivan Totten

October 21, 1917
Dear Editor:  I received your paper last week and was glad to get it and see all the news from Skidmore.

I like the Army life fine.  The only thing I don’t like down here is the wind and dust.  The camp down here is laid out in a big horseshoe.  We have to drill 6 1/2 hours a day.  Every Tuesday and Thursday we take a hike of 8 to 12 miles.

The Third regiment, from Kansas City has joined us here.  That makes each company 250 strong.  Don’t know when we will leave for France, but are hoping soon.

Camp Doniphan has over one hundred thousand acres and takes in part of the Wichita mountains.  At first I did not like army life, but like it better every day.

Charles Jones who joined the same time that I did said to tell all the folks hello.  As News are scarce, will close, hoping to see this in print.

Give my regards to all old friends.

Ivan R. Totten.
Co. B. 140th Inf., Camp Doniphan, Ft. Sill, Okla.

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