Letters Home: Earl Conrad

The Skidmore News made every effort to send copies of the weekly paper to the town’s soldier boys in 1918.  To many of the soldiers, the paper truly was a letter from home.  From the May 9, 1918 Skidmore News:

Earl Conrad Writes

Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill., 5-4-18

Dear Editor and Friends: —

I will drop you a few lines today to let you know that I am getting the paper and am well.  Every time I get the paper, it is like a letter from home.

I am drilling pretty hard and the weather is nice here.

I went to hear Billie Sunday the other day.  He put up a pretty good talk.

We are having some time here; there is a jolly set of boys in our company.

I would like to come home and see the folks, but I guess I cannot come for we are going to leave soon.  The captain gave us a talk, yesterday, and he told us he had bought us two base ball outfits and other things to take across.  He said that we would not be here very long.

I see by the paper, you folks there have what we have here, the measles.

I guess I will say “hello” to all the Skidmore people once again, for I am closing this letter.

Your friend, Earl Conrad.  Co. F. 32 Engineers, Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois.

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