Letters Home: Billie Runyon

From the Skidmore News, April 10, 1919, page 1:

From Billie Runyon.

Issel, Germany, March 20, 1919.

Skidmore News:

Kind Friends:  Well you may think it strange of writing to you, but I got a paper from Skidmore and it was dated the 20th of February and it is the first one I have gotten since I came over.  I was sure glad to get it.

I seen in it a small article about some of the boys getting home.  Would like to tell them hello and that I send them my best regards and hope I will be among them by the middle of June as I am sure looking forward for the day when the 89th Div. starts for home.

Well we are not having it so bad only for the weather.  Only once in a while we get to see the sun and then it doesn’t last all day.  You know, I just got back to my old company about a week ago.  I have been in France about 3 months and believe me I was sure glad to get back for I believe this country is a better country than France.  Of course I don’t understand the language they use up here, but a fellow don’t have to know very much of it to get by.

Say I saw in the paper where Frank Barrett has been sick.  Just tell him that I said to snap out of it and don’t let the old flu get him down.

Oh yes, tell old John Barber that I want a job when I get back and one that I won’t have to stand reveille or retreat at.

Well I guess I will close, hoping by the time you get this letter that I will be on my way home.

I send my best regards to all, and tell them that I am sure feeling fine.

Oh say, tell Cy Argo I saw Pig Swigart and he told me about him getting married, so I guess he owes Pig and I a good 10 cent cigar.

Well good bye, hoping I get to see all you folks before long.

From yours truly,

Corp. Billie Runyon, Co. L. 356 Inf., 89th Div., A. P. O. 761.

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