Letters Home: Albert Linville a Corporal, 1918

Further news from Skidmore’s Albert Linville, as printed in the Skidmore News, September 19, 1918, page 8:

Albert Linville a Corporal

Somewhere in France, Aug. 12, 1918
Dear Nellie:–

Well, I am going to try and write you a few lines this afternoon. This leaves me all O. K.


I sent you some French money the other day, and when you get it let me know about it.


I have been trying to sleep, but the flies won’t let me alone. They are horse flies that nearly eat you up. There is nothing to keep them from biting you. Screens? They have never heard of such things here.


I am glad you went up to see Zoe (Mrs. Hamilton). I could have seen Leonard (Hamilton) yesterday, if I had known it in time, for I was close to where he was. I am in the same division he is in. I will look him up as soon as I can. You have a poor chance of seeing the boys over here.


I have a pal from St. Joe and he is a good fellow. We are together all the time; we are sleeping together in a tent. The other day we were both made corporals.


Nellie, things look as good here as the papers look back there.


There is nothing to spend money for here. This country is not like the states when it comes to spending money. The French think we are very rich.


I got four letters from you yesterday, also the Skidmore paper.


Well, I’ve told you all I can think of and it’s getting dark and we can’t have a light. Write as often as you can and tell me all the news.


Corporal Albert H. Linville,
Co. C, 128 Inf., 32 Div., A. P. O. 734, A. E. F., via New York.

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