Let’s Be Careful Out There

After so many days of drought, this area is grateful for the rain, but as this story from the September 14, 1922 Skidmore News illustrates, rain storms have their own risks.

Jesse McDonald Struck by Lightning Bolt

Jesse McDonald, who lives on the farm of his uncle, David White, 6 1/2 miles northwest of town, was knocked down by a bolt of lightning Friday evening while caring for his stock.

It was after dark, and Mr. McDonald was bringing some hogs from the pasture.  He had been out in the rain long enough for his clothing to become thoroughly saturated, and he was wearing a pair of rubber boots.  It may be that the wet clothing acted as a better conductor than the body, or possibly the rubber boots offered enough insulation to keep the bolt from passing through his body.  At any rate, while Mr. McDonald was knocked down and was completely blind when he first got up, he was, apparently, not seriously injured.  He stated that a large ball of fire seemed to explode directly in front of his face.

Mr. McDonald was able to get the hogs to the barn and care for them, but he did not attempt to do his other chores.

Mr. White, who spent Monday and Tuesday at the farm, reports that Mr. McDonald is improving nicely.  His two little fingers, and his right leg were still affected Tuesday, but he was much better then than he had been on Monday, and it is thought that he will be entirely recovered soon.


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