Let Us Hustle

From the December 8, 1903 Skidmore Standard:

Building Up a Town.

Well, it’s just hustle, hustle, hustle all the time.

If we want to build up Skidmore we have got to make the initiative ourselves for no other town is going to do it for us.

Not long since the writer met Fred Edmunds, a former Nodaway County boy, but who was then superintendent of a suspender factory in Des Moines, Iowa, and spoke of the building up of towns and said that it was necessary for a town to offer bonuses in order to get factories started.  He said there were always such enterprises looking for a location and it was the towns that put up the money that got them.  He said there was little in this bug-a-boo of the cities getting better freight rates on manufactured goods. The smaller towns get the same rates or at least lots of them do as there are a great many small places that have small factories that are paying.

Now that is about the fact, and the reason we have not got anything in Skidmore is because we have not wanted it very bad.  So not if we want things to come our way let us hustle.

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