Let All Rejoice

Thanksgiving poem from 1922. Text follows.
Poem from the November 30, 1922 Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri, page 1.

Illustration of a harvest with a poem which reads, “Let All Rejoice. Let us give thanks — not for those gifts alone; Of field and garden, tree and fruitful vine, But for those gifts by which our lives have grown; More nearly like the Infinite design. Let us give thanks, from fervent hearts, for love; Pure love toward God, unselfish love toward man; For tenderness, compassion — gifts above; What human thought could wish to have, or plan. Let us give thanks for the great gift of prayer; by which we reach the consciousness of peace, and realize the constant help and care; of Love divine, that cannot lapse nor cease. Let us give thanks for true and loyal friends, For home, and family ties; for work, for play; For beauty, and the grace that laughter lends; To toil or trial, on our daily way. Let us give thanks that in this troubled hour, With skies bedimmed by doubt, by hate, by fear; We can rejoice that Good alone has power, Can prove it true, and thus win heaven here.”

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