Lawn Party at the Brown Home, 1911

Social news from the August 17, 1911 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

A Lawn Party.

The party at the home of Mr. Jonah Brown and family was attended by a large crowd of young folks from town and surrounding country.

It happened Tuesday night, August 8th, that peerlessly, beautiful, moonlight night and crowded Wednesday morning before some of the guests were content to say goodnight and betake themselves, or each other, homeward.

Not only did they consume several enjoyable hours of time, but also made destructive inroads upon a bushel of good sweet apples which were temptingly placed in easy reach, and later they consumed great quantities of ice cream and cake.

Never saw the like before. Everybody acted like they were right at home, and the noise and confusion must have been frightful to the onlooker, because one had to make a louder noise than the other, to be heard.

The lawn was just at the right size to hold the bunch, in a mass, and there was not so much scattering out so they all mixed all the time.

There were about fifty or sixty guests, so you see there are too many to name here.

Everybody reports an enjoyable entertainment.

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