Kellogg’s Clearing Sale, 1899

“When we cut the price, the bottom falls out.”  J. F. Kellogg meant business when he announced his clearing sale in the November 10, 1899 Skidmore Standard.

Ad for J. F. Kellogg's clearing sale, 1899. Text of ad follows.
From the Skidmore Standard, November 10, 1899.

Ad reads, “Kellogg’s Clearing Sale. We are going to move in a few weeks into new quarters and in order to save us as much work as possible we will try the plan of making the goods move themselves. We know we can make them move and if you don’t believe it come in any time between now and the day we move and see how we do it. Price! Will move anything. Here are the prices that will move two-thirds of our goods before the new house is complete. Shoes. We have a large line of ladies, misses and children’s shoes that we are going to sell at 50 cents. Another lot at 75 cents. We have men’s and boys’ that will go at 75 cents and $1.00. Hose. See our sample line of hose 30 per cent less than regular line. Suits, Men’s suits at $3.95, Boys’ suits at 1.55. Overcoats, a heavy ulster for men, $4.49, a boy’s ulster, $1.99. Capes and cloaks, our entire line 15 per cent off. A crush plush cape, $2.99. Pants. A good pant for men worth $1.50 for 99 cents. A boys pants worth $1.25 for 89 cents. Blankets, 30 cents. Leggings, 48 cents. Hats and capes, boots and shoes, underwear, gents furnishing goods and all are in this sale. We will not be undersold by any one north, south, east or west of us; no matter where they come from or where they are going. Yours ‘a moving,” J. F. Kellogg.”

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