Kellogg and Pope Pull for Skidmore

When you have the best town in Nodaway County, you naturally become a booster for that town. Kellogg and Pope felt that way, as we see in the December 17, 1908 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 2:

Ad titled "Pull for Skidmore" is illustrated with a hand holding a large piece of coal. Full text of ad follows.
Ad by Kellogg & Pope of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore New Era, Dec. 17, 1908, p. 2

Large ad reads, “Everybody pull for Skidmore! The best town in Nodaway County. Did you ever stop to think that the market makes the business town? We are doing all in our power to make a market for the little things often neglected in towns of our size. Take chickens for instance. Skidmore has been paying from 1 to 2 cents per pound more for poultry than Maitland or Maryville. Why? Because we are an individual firm buying chickens and the big poultry houses are compelled to meet competition. Do you know what that has meant to this town this fall? It has given Skidmore from $25 to $50 more each Saturday than either Maitland or Maryville gave for the same amount of poultry. Coal: Compare our prices for the same coal in either of the towns above mentioned and you will find ours the best. Cream: We have made a better price for cream than the other towns. We expect to handle eggs when there are any. Corn: We will be on hand with corn in car lots, wagon loads or by the bushel, at the lowest price the market will afford and we want a chance to buy it if you have it to sell. Give us a chance to sell you your feed and flour, our motto is “To live and let live.” Yours for business, Kellogg & Pope. G. F. Kellogg, C. E. Pope.”

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