Keep On Knitting

Every woman in Skidmore did her part to help the war effort in 1918.  From the July 11, 1918 Skidmore New Era:

Red Cross Notes

All auxiliaries are requested to work only half time, or two hours each afternoon, of meeting.  This is done because with that amount of time we can make our quota.

The ladies of the Union Valley auxiliary had to postpone their circus July 4th on account of the rain.  They held it the night of the 5th however, and had a splendid crowd and cleared $92.00.

If you do not know how to knit, please learn at once.

Anyone having a machine not in use, which they will let us use at the Red Cross rooms, will be greatly appreciated.  Please call Mrs. Gertrude Hickman and tell her.

On Monday of this week, the instrument at the telegraph office ticked off the first message of a Skidmore boy, being injured in battle, when word was received that Henry Smith was seriously injured.  These messages are bound to come, it cannot be helped, but when they are received then we ask ourselves what are we doing here at home.  What if it is hot, what if we do leave things undone that we would enjoy doing?  Stop and think what our boys are giving, their lives.  “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for another.”

Knit through the summer, knit in every leisure moment, and KEEP ON KNITTING.

Each county has been assigned a quota of work and it will take the combined effort of all the women in Nodaway county to complete this work, as it must be finished and in St. Louis by October 1st.  Following is a list of what is to be made:  60 helpless case shirts; 240 women’s aprons; 60 boys suits; 60 pinafores; 60 petticoats; 60 boys underdrawers; 60 childrens capes; 60 French foot slippers; 200 comfort kits; 2,040 pairs socks; 1,152 sweaters; 504 helmets.  Now do you wonder that we say every woman in Nodaway county must learn to knit.  This is a greater number of socks than has been knit in Nodaway county since November 1st.  Monroe township will have her share of this work so let every woman be ready to do her part.

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