Just Like Missouri

On this Missouri Day, we bring you a poem about Colorado that has been quite rightly adapted for Missouri use.  From the February 2, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Just Like Missouri.
Adapted From the Denver Post.

The preacher on his visit read a chapter from the book.
Then offered up a prayer to the Lord,
And, with the farmer’s family for auditors, he took
A theme of exhortation from the word.
He talked about the beauties of the blessed Promised Land,
The living streams and never-dying flowers,
The trees of deathless beauty waving cheer on every hand,
The song-birds singing music in the bowers.

He dwelt upon the virtues of the residents up there;
They all were men and women fair to see,
The ever-golden sunshine, the pure and balmy air,
The cities in their lordly majesty.
The farmer’s little daughter sat and listened, open-eyed,
Her face reflecting reverence and awe,
And when the preacher finished she in childish rapture cried,
“It’s just like Missouri, ain’t it, ma?”

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