Jim Gaulding Captured

Crime seldom made an appearance in the pages of the Skidmore Standard, but the following sensational story did appear in the August 2, 1901 edition, right on page 1:

Jim Gaulding Captured.

Excitement ran high in our little city Sunday when word was brought to town that Jim Gaulding, who stole a team at Burlington Junction last Sat. evening, was hiding in the timber northeast of town.  About twenty-five of our more or less bold and determined citizens, in company with Marshal Miller, immediately set out to capture the horse thief, for which there was a small reward offered.

Gaulding had stopped at Chas. Robbin’s place to rest.  Seeing what he supposed to be the whole male population of Skidmore coming, he took to the brush and then the fun began, but Gaulding proved to be a second Aguinaldo and made good his escape.

Monday, Milton Rounds, Rush Needles and George Barrett continued the search and succeeded in capturing him about 7 1/2 miles southwest of Maitland.  Gaulding refused to be taken by the boys and Marshal Miller was telephoned of the capture.  He, in company with H. C. Appleman, drove down and brought Gaulding to Skidmore where they were met by Sheriff Enis who took Gaulding to Maryville and lodged him in the county jail to await the selection of the court.

James Gaulding has quite a criminal record although he is yet a very young man.  About four years ago he with another young boy, stole a horse from Chas. Leffer and was sentenced to the reform school but he was released on parole which he violated.  He served time in the penitentiary for horse stealing, having been caught in Platte county.

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