Jennie Pollock Whitmer’s 74th Birthday, 1921

From the March 17, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Birthday Surprise for Mrs. Jennie Whitmer
73rd Birthday Celebrated with a Surprise Dinner — Boxes Sent to Shut-Ins.

Friday, March 11, was the 73rd birthday of Mrs. Jennie Whitmer, so her nieces, Mrs. J. C. Spahr and Mrs. J. O. Miller, planned a little surprise for her in honor of the occasion. Invitations were sent to the older ladies of the town, and at 10:30 they began to assemble at Barrett’s store. When all were ready, the order was given to “March” and they proceeded to the residence in a company, each one carrying a basket or a box.

Mrs. Whitmer was really surprised, but proved herself equal to the occasion. The combined ages of the party would figure high, but in appearance and actions they were just in their teens.

At the noon hour, a royal feast was served, and twenty-four ladies gathered around the tables. It was a day long to be remembered, especially by Mrs. Whitmer. Those who were not able to attend were not forgotten, and boxes were sent to Aunt Sallie Berry, Mrs. Sarah Russell, and Aunt Sarah Motters.

Those present were: Mrs. J. L. Jones, Mrs. A. T. Oakerson, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Reuben Barrett, Mrs. Welton, Mrs. Medsker, Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. G. I. Riley, Mrs. Weddle, Sr., Mrs. A. Howden, Mrs. Whitmer, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Hoblitzell, Mrs. McMillen, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Torrey, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Beverlin, Mrs. Loucks, Mrs. H. Barrett, Mrs. Robert Linville, Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Kramer, and Mrs. Spahr.

[We believe this is Clarissa Jane “Jennie” Pollock, wife of Jonas Whitmer.]

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