Interest in Basketball, 1922

From the September 21, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

A meeting was called for all boys interested in basket ball last Tuesday after school. There were about 20 boys present. Mr. Pierce made a talk in which he said that we intend to have a winning basket ball team, but that to win was not our only purpose, and that it was to serve as a source of exercise and pleasure to all members of the high school and that it was his intention to see all the boys play to some extent, although they were not members of the team. It was agreed that all members of the team should make a passing grade in four subjects before they might play. We will try to keep ten men ready to go into a game at any time.

Coach Caldwell has called the men out for three work-outs, two last week, and one yesterday. They were unable to practice Monday and Tuesday on account of the rain.

The girls’ basket ball has arrived and their court will soon be made ready for use. A large number of girls are interested in the game and they’re going to make a success.

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