Index to the Skidmore Standard, 1898-1900

Your humble storyteller has been silent for several weeks, but with good cause (or so we’d like to think).

A two-volume set featuring a name and subject index for all available issues of the Skidmore Standard newspaper from mid-1898 through 1900 is now available to anyone with an interest in Skidmore and the surrounding area.  The index covers all the local news stories and the first appearance of each local advertisement printed in each weekly edition of the Standard.

This is local news only.  The pre-printed national news pages the editor included in the Standard aren’t included because, frankly, we had to draw the line somewhere, and while national news wire stories are indexed elsewhere, the Punkin Show prize winners, Mandolin Club programs, Lecture Club numbers, passionate pleas for better sidewalks and hitchracks, Skidmore Improvement Association meetings and Epworth League socials are not.

The two volumes contain over 17,000 entries for families, businesses, issues, and topics from Skidmore and the surrounding area, including a handful of items here and there from Albany, Barnard, Bolckow, Burlington Junction, Burr Oak, Cabbage City, Fairfax, Fillmore, Florida Park, Forest City, Graham, Hoosier Ridge, Hopkins, King Grove, Liberty neighborhood, Maitland, Maryville, Mound City, Quitman, Ravenwood, Rock Port, Savannah, Sheridan, Tarkio, Union Star, and Union Valley.

If you are interested in who was born, who died, who paid their newspaper subscription, who hosted a party, who advertised with the Standard, who went to St. Joseph or Maryville on business, and who visited whom, the index will interest you.  The Skidmore Standard was a lower-key, lower-tech Facebook four generations before Facebook was even a gleam in some college kid’s eye.

Copies of the two volumes are on their way to the Nodaway County Historical Society, the State Historical Society of Missouri, and other libraries.  If there’s enough interest, we’ll talk to the Nodaway County folks about making copies available for purchase to benefit the Society.  Let us know in the comments below.

Work on 1901 is well underway.  We’ll resume posting stories here, too, and will let you know when the 1901 volume is on its way to the printers.

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