Ice cream is good for you

While we seldom have any desire to turn medical progress back to the state of the art in 1915, on this one issue we do agree with 1915 science.  From the July 15, 1915 Skidmore Standard, page 2:

Says Ice Cream Is Healthy Food

That ice cream is a staple and a healthy food is the opinion of a University of Missouri professor, Doctor M. P. Ravenel of the School of Medicine.

“We Americans eat more ice cream than any other nation in the world,” said Doctor Ravenal in discussing the food value of ice cream.  “In every city there are numerous establishments which make thousands of quarts of ice cream and sherbet daily.  formerly ice cream was a delicacy, eaten almost entirely for dessert and at parties, but it has now become an article of food.

“The National Commission on Milk Standards is engaged at present in defining standards for this most valuable food product.  Ice cream made from clean milk, pure sugar, natural flavors, and a moderate amount of gelatine or corn starch is nutritious and easily digested.  This food often appeals to the invalid when nothing else will.  Highly colored ice cream, however should be avoided.  The refreezing of ice cream is also objectionable.

“When ice cream is frozen and kept frozen it undergoes no perceptible change for considerable time and there is no objection to eating it from the public standpoint, even if it is two or three weeks old.  It is the custom of many trans-Atlantic steamship lines to carry ice cream from New York for a round trip.”

Doctor Ravenel stated that the practice of pasteurizing milk before putting it into the freezer was becoming very general, and to be commended.

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