Howden-Garrett Wedding

We celebrate the hearts and flowers of Valentines Day and warm the cold light of February by recalling weddings from years past.  Today’s comes from the January 22, 1914 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Howden Garrett

Miss Emma G. Howden of Skidmore and Mr. Howard Garrett of Clearmont were married Monday, January 19, in St. Joseph by Rev. C. M. Chilton, pastor of the First Christian church of St. Joseph.

The wedding came as a great surprise to their friends and even to their relatives, as the date for the wedding was set for February 15.

The first news of the wedding by the home folks was a telegram from the bride to her sister, Miss Minta, announcing the marriage.

After a honeymoon trip of several days, they will be at home to their friends in Clearmont, where the groom is in the lumber business.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett returned to the home of the bride’s parents at Skidmore Wednesday evening, where their young friends gave them a serenade and linen shower.

About 10 o’clock, while the young people were enjoying the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Howden, the boys of Skidmore gathered in the front yard of the Howden home and gave the “newly-weds” a rousing charivari with bells, shot guns and all kinds of noise making instruments.  After the boys had a good time making night hideous for about ten minutes, Mr. Howden went to the door and invited them in and they were given a generous treat.

All had a good time and both serenaders and charivariers wished the young married couple “much joy” and departed for their homes.


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