Howden Family Reunion

From the December 28, 1916 Skidmore News, page 1:

Howden Family Reunion

The home of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Howden has for the past few days been the scene of a doubly enjoyable event.

First, the Christmas tide holds for all, the most enjoyable time of all the year, and to this was added the home coming of all their children, the first time for eight years:  C. F. Terhune, wife (formerly Miss Nellie Robinson of Maryville) and two daughters, Dorothy and Margaret, of Jerome, Idaho; Fred W. Howden, wife (formerly Miss Edythe Fullerton of Skidmore) of Kansas City, Mo.; Walter E. Howden and wife (formerly Miss Ruth True of Canton, Illinois), of Edwardsville, Illinois; and Elmer Howden, who lives with his parents.

A Christmas tree — the real, old fashioned kind — was an attraction worthy of mention and was enjoyed by old and young, especially by the youngest grandchild, Margaret Terhune, who is six years old.  The time passed all too quickly with singing, visiting and eating, the latter of which needs no comment, as the Howden table has a most enviable reputation.

The only apparent shortage was the number of grandchildren.  Size was not lacking, especially among the sons, as the four total only a little less than half a ton.

Altogether it was an event in the lives of this estimable family long to be remembered by all, and Mr. and Mrs. Howden have much to be thankful for.


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