Hot Weather Fashion

Nothing says hot weather fashion like a new corset.

Ad for "hot weather needables" at The Monarch.
The Monarch, one of Skidmore’s shopping options, advertised deals on all the fashionable items one might need to dress for hot weather in this front-page ad from June 1903.

Ad reads, “Do you know that hot weather is at hand? We are prepared for it with a full line of hot weather needables. Our line was neve rso complete in India Linens, Dimities, Lawns, Batiste, Organdies and Fancies. It is especially strong in “white goods.” Prices are right. Goods are right. Trimmings. You will need trimmings for your summer gowns. Be sure and ask to see our 5 ct. lace specialty. We also have in stock the lightest and coolest of gauze at prices ranging from 25c to $1.00 per suit. Have you examined our new Batiste and Fashion Hip Corsets? We handle the Jackson Corset Co’s Corset. The name is so familiar that needless to dwell on the merits of the goods. They are the most comfortable and best fitting corsets made. It will pay you to look through our line before you buy because we are certain that we can not only save you money on your purchases but you will be better satisfied with your summer dresses. “The Monarch.” Barrett, Hitchcock and Sewell.”

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