Horse Thief and Bad Man

Sensational news from the August 15, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Missouri Has A Harry Tracy No. 2.

George Crouse, Alleged Horse Thief Stands Off Nodaway County Posse and Escapes.

Pursued by Bloodhounds.

Maryville, Mo., August 13 – George Crouse, alleged horse thief and bad man, wanted in Garnett, Kan., on a charge of horse stealing, has shown himself to be very clever in standing off the officers and has caused the people of Nodaway county to forget about Tracy, the Oregon convict, and talk of their own bad man.

Last Friday it was learned that Crouse was at the home of his father, six miles north of Maryville, so Sheriff Enis sent a deputy with a warrant to arrest him.  The deputy found Crouse just driving into his father’s yard.  The deputy read the warrant to Crouse and remarked he guessed he would have to take him back to Maryville.

Crouse quickly reached into his buggy and pulled out a double barreled shotgun, and, pointing it at the deputy, remarked with a smile: “Oh, I guess not.  They want me down in Kansas and if I was taken back there I would be mobbed.  You just get into your buggy, Mr. Deputy, and drive back to Maryville.”

Deputy Forced to Obey.

Under the circumstances the deputy concluded to obey.  As soon as he arrived in Maryville a posse was organized and started after Crouse.  He was traced to a cemetery near Pickering, seven miles north of here, and about dusk, while the posse, armed to the teeth, were figuring how to capture Crouse, he suddenly appeared from behind a clump of bushes, with his shotgun on his arm and a smile on his face.  He asked what was wanted.  “Hands up!” shouted the Pickering constable.

“I guess not; what for?” was the reply as the posse unlimbered their guns.

“You wouldn’t shoot a fellow in cold blood, would you, boys?” asked Crouse, and before the posse realized what had happened Crouse dodged behind a tombstone and disappeared from the graveyard, keeping himself covered by the tombstones and brush.

Bloodhounds on the Trail.

The Pickering constable immediately telephoned to the Maryville sheriff and taking the bloodhounds he drove to where Crouse was last seen and put the dogs on his train, which was followed to near the Iowa state line.  A heavy rain coming up toward morning, the dogs were unable to follow the trail, so the hunt was abandoned for the time.

Yesterday the sheriff from Kansas arrived and received a message from the sheriff of Taylor county, Iowa, last night that it was thought Crouse was in hiding near Bedford, he went there. — K. C. World.

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