Honor Roll, 1917

To all those currently risking their lives to protect our freedom, and to all those who have served our country, we offer our thanks on this Veterans Day.

The November 8, 1917 Skidmore News reported the names of the following men who served at that time in World War I:

Honor Roll

Below are the names of the boys who are serving Uncle Sam in the capacity of soldiers and sailors from this vicinity:
Jesse S. Barrett
Boone Coldwell
Noble Reaksecker
Burman Deffenbaugh
Harley Hitchcock
James Tyson
Marion Owens
James Parrish
Forrest Weddle
Emmett Littler
Francis Jenkins
Neal Montgomery
Delavan Robbins
Rex Johnson
Oppie Ross
Frank Barber
Earl Swigart
James H. Hughes
Reubin A. Hall
John Zook
Leslie Dawson
Roy Owens
Leon Hutchinson
Chas. Jones
Ivan Totten
Harvey Hall
Robert Cable
Martin Weltha
Earl Hester
Maurice Thompson
Albert Linville
Francis Popham
Basil A. Rodman
Walter L. Patterson
Henry Ray Lee
Jas. H. Smith
Warren Reaksecker
Clyde W. Collins
William Runyon
Fred O’Riley
Emmett Leland Linville
Glen Brummett
Ralston McClain
Quay Sewell
Ross Zook
Douglas Haynes
Paul Karr
Francis Dillon
Pierre Karr
Charles Wright
Lawrence Howden
James Herrington

This honor roll, we believe, is complete, however if any of our readers know of a soldier or sailor that has gone from this vicinity whose name does not appear here, we ask that they furnish the name so that the roll may be made complete.

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