Home on Furlough

The November 1, 1917 Skidmore News reported happy news from the families of soldiers stationed at Camp Funston in Kansas:

Boys Home on Furlough

Word was received last week that some of our boys who are stationed at Camp Funston would be home on Saturday for a short visit with home folks and sure enough some of them did come.

When the morning south bound train pulled in, the first man to step off was Albert Linville and he was closely followed by Maurice Thompson and just a little later Earl Swiggart and Reubin Hall descended from the steps of the coach.  These boys were all warmly welcomed by those who happened to be on the platform as were Walter Patterson and Clyde Collins when they came on the north-bound train the same morning; then Fred O’Riley came to town in the evening and was kept reasonably busy shaking hands with his old friends.

The boys did not get to stay long as they had to report to roll call at Camp Funston early Monday morning, so they left on the passenger that was supposed to be here at 11:20 a.m. but which did not arrive until about 1 p.m. on Sunday. They were kept busy while here telling of their life in camp, so busy, by others, in fact that the News man had no opportunity to interview any of them.

The pride Skidmore feels in her boys, not only the ones who were here, but in all who are contributing so much to the defense of the nation’s honor, was in a small measure shown by the number who were on the station platform at train time when the boys were to depart.  The number at from 250 to between 400 and 500.  Yes, Skidmore and vicinity is sure proud of its soldier and sailor boys.


Visited Husband and Son

Last Friday evening Mrs. Ray Lee and her mother-in-law, Mrs. J. M. Lee boarded the southbound train and went to Camp Funston where they visited Ray Lee.

Mrs. J. M. Lee returned home Monday morning, but the younger lady stopped off at Maitland to see her mother, coming on home Monday evening.


In Honor of Soldier

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rockwell were host and hostess at a dinner given Saturday in honor of their son-in-law, Albert H. Linville who was home on a furlough from Camp Funston, Kansas.  The guests were:  Albert H. Linville and wife, J. H. Linville, Ed Sharp and family, Grover Linville and family, M. F. Linville and Charley Rockwell.  Evening guests were Ed Albright and wife and son, O. E. Caywood, wife and sons and George Owens.

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