Home from Montana

From the July 5, 1913 Skidmore New Era:

Miss Ida Knepper returned from Montana Friday morning, where she has been teaching the past year.  She came via Jefferson City and spent two weeks assisting the State Board of Education in grading the June teachers examination, which she says were the heaviest since the passage of the new law, there being 15,000 papers this time.

Miss Knepper reports the winters are long in Montana but the summers as the most perfect to be found any where, especially at Red Lodge, which has an elevation of 5,500 feet.  She says the people are flocking to Montana by the thousands this spring.  It is the third state in size in the Union and at last census the population of the whole state was only half that of the city of St. Louis.

The average yield per acre of wheat and oats is the largest for Montana of any state in the Union.  The beet industry is becoming and extensive one and Billings has the largest beet sugar factory in the West.  The Montana Senators have been among the strongest opponents of the free wool and free sugar part of the tariff bill before the present Congress.

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