We continue our February hearts-and-flowers tradition by posting joyous news from the February 23, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Big Wedding in Cabbage City.

Wednesday was a great day in Cabbage City.  It was a day of mirth, feasting and pleasure making; for it was the occasion of B. W. Holt’s nuptials.  In the parlor of Ambros Collins’ home, at high noon, Barton W. Holt and Mrs. Docia Lattimer, of Clearmont were pronounced man and wife by Rev. Hodshire of Quitman.

Mr. B. W. Holt knows every one in this corner of the world, and every one knows Bart Holt to be an exceedingly genial and clever gentleman.  For forty-one years, he has enjoyed the freedom and privileges which are open to them who occupy the state of single blessedness – or bachelorship, as most people style it for men.  So when he had concluded that “it is not good for man to live alone” and that life would be brighter and pleasanter with a helpmeet and a help eat his friends and neighbors were ready to demonstrate a friendly and neighborly interest in the successful termination of the event which would be in compliance with the divine injunction, and at the same time, result in conjugal felicity for Mr. Holt.  Accordingly when the fixed day had come, fully one hundred people were present to witness the tying of the nuptial knot, extend congratulations and partake of a bountiful feast which had been made in honor of the happy occasion.

Mrs. Holt is a very pleasant appearing lady and the union promises to be a very pleasant one.

Mr. and Mrs. Holt received many useful presents among which were the following:

Silver spoon holder, Lee Chadduck;
water set, James McDonald and wife;
cake stand, Schumacher & Kirch;
ladies work box, John W. Cook and E. E. Tilton;
tea set, Sewell Bros. & Montgomery;
parlor lamp, Thos. McDonald and wife;
stand cover, H. W. Montgomery;
table linen, Miss Sallie Ellis;
salad dish, Joseph Carden and wife;
fruit dish, Sam Davis and wife;
vegetable dish, J. F. Kellogg;
towels and table linen, Mrs. Ambros Collins;
bedding, Mrs. W. R. Holt;
parlor rocker, J. S. Bilby;
sofa, Russel Bilby and wife;
quilt, Mrs. Collins and son;
paper holder, Eugene StClaire and wife;
towels, Miss Carmicheal;
water set, T. L. Howden and F. N. Campbell;
brood sow and other useful presents, Ambros Collins.

Uncle George Warren was present with his violin and furnished all kinds of good music which set agoing the feet of some of the merry party.

Mr. and Mrs. Holt will go to housekeeping immediately in the pleasant country home which the groom recently painted and refurnished for the reception of his bride.  May happiness and sunshine ever out-weigh bitterness and gloom throughout the entirety of their wedded life is the wishes of the Standard.

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