High School Holiday Notes, 1917

Here’s some charitable news from the Skidmore High School in 1917. First, we see in the Skidmore New Era’s December 13, 1917 edition, an announcement in the High School Notes column:

The High School and faculty have decided to eliminate their regular custom of giving presents. The money will be used to buy presents for the orphans at St. Joseph. The seventh and eighth grade pupils will use their Xmas money for a similar cause.

The following week, the High School Notes column reported the following:

The students and teachers of the Skidmore High School decided to spend their Christmas money for a more helpful purpose than a mere exchange of presents. A committee was appointed which was to decide in what way the money should be used. The members unanimously agreed to spend the money for those who might not receive any gifts. Upon inquiry it was found that the “Sheltering Arms” home contained 26 little boys and girls and 9 infants with no hope of any toys for Christmas. The committee spent the money ($16.25) as wisely as possible. A doll was bought for each girl, blocks and other toys dear to little kiddies, for the boys and rattles for the babies. The girls of the High School volunteered to dress the dolls. Thirteen pounds of candy and oranges for all were added to the gift box. We all agreed this was the most “Christmasy” way to spend the money and we feel it is in truth “more blessed to give than to receive.”

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