Helping Hands

Skidmore and Nodaway citizens were good neighbors, even when it meant getting their hands dirty.  We are often reminded of that in stories like this one from the November 11, 1898 Skidmore News:

Monday afternoon about 25 members of the Modern Woodmen camp of this place, including some of our business men who pride themselves on their soft, white hands and good complexion, went to the assistance of a brother in distress, and performed an act that is very commendable and reflects great credit upon the order to which they belong.  Charles Robbins is very low with the fever, and his little field of corn was not gathered and he had no wood cut, so these Nineteenth century knights took an engine and a buzz saw and went out to his place.  They fell to work manfully and in a few hours had his corn gathered and enough wood sawed to last him all winter.

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