Health Crusade Results, March 1919

Here’s the March 1919 progress report for the health crusade, as printed in the Skidmore News, April 3, 1919, page 1:

The Health Crusade

These are Pages in the Health Crusade for two weeks ending March 24. Watch next week’s paper for report of two weeks ending April 7th.

First Grade — Richard Barrett, Douglas McClain, Bernard Shell, William Hill, Cecil Martin, Earl Fargo, Frank Charles, Dean Weddle, Evelyn Bodle, Winnie Hoblitzell, Eva Mae Bramble, Geraldine Stevens, Dorothy Glenn.

Second Grade — Byron Linville, John Mayhugh, Donald Logan, Alfred King, Marie Barrett, Katherine Early, Harriett Fargo, Lois Cottrell, Ida Beth Newlon, Naomi Moorhead, Lawrence Riley.

Third Grad — Ruby Devers, Lucile Bodle, Katherine Gray, Anna Lee Monday, Virginia Morgan, Anna Laura Weddle, Mary Esther Loucks, Deon Martin, Eunice Horn, Louise Hoblitzell, Thelma Parshall, Douglas Linville.

Fourth Grade — Jennie Newlon, Georgia Ashbrook, J. R. McClain, Francis Linville, Evelyn Monk, Eleanor Montgomery, Cleo Martin, Norma Charles, Floyd Bird, Margaret Dale Hoblitzell, Harold King.

Fifth Grade — Helen McMahon, Thelma Ford, Lena Hickerson, Geraldine Strickler, Otis Weddle, Louise Logan, Harry Lyle, Ruth Money, Mark Williams, Nolan McMillen.

Sixth Grade — Irma Coy__, Ellanor Sewell, Alletta Devers, Guelda Kable, Clarence King, Lawrence Linville, Hiram Montgomery, Noel Martin.

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