Have You a Good Recipe

Eat Less Wheat. To my Valentine: I can Hooverize on dinners, and on lights and fuel, too, but I'll never learn to Hooverize when it comes to loving you!
This 1918 valentine from the Hoover Presidential Library reminds us of a different era in which wheatless and meatless recipes were all the rage.

This week, we are featuring recipes from the 1918 Skidmore News. While today’s recipes focus on eliminating some ingredients for health reasons, the recipes in 1918 were focused on providing enough calories in the face of tighter food supplies. Here’s the kickoff from the March 14, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Have You a Good Recipe   

While the lady folks have been doing their “bit” in various ways these Hooverized times, the News wonders if there might not be many a new dish concocted that would not only tickle the palate of the most fastidious, add strength to the inefficient muscles and not disarrange the most delicate digestion.

We venture there are a plenty of dishes that will fill in the vacuum created by the wheatless, meatless, cakeless and pieless meals.

Now if any of our lady readers have original recipes that have not maimed or crippled their own household, made from raw material or quilted from the scrap pile — we believe you would say “left overs” — the News will gladly pass it on to your neighbors, if you will send it in for publication.

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