Hats to Give You Snap and Style

Ad for hats for sale by Barrett, Stoolfer and Owens, 1908. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore New Era, July 9, 1908, p. 1.

Advertisement reads, “Distinct exclusive styles. You have a right to be particular in the choice of your hat — nothing tones up the appearance of a man like a well-fitting, stylish hat. A slouchy hat on a well dressed man is entirely out of place. Let us show you that there is a difference in hats. Our hats possess that ‘something’ that gives snap and style to the man that wears them. The Rival Hat, price $3.00. Compare this hat with the kind you have paid $5.00 for. We have them in all the new shapes. The Queen City Hat, price $2.50. A hat very popular with the young men. Possesses all the qualities a good hat must have. The Emblem Hat, price $1.50. A hat for men and boys. The best hat on earth for the money. The Acme Hat, price $1.00. An up-to-date hat for the boys. They are worth the money. Trade where the people trade. Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens, The Store of the People.”

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